Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mini Spring Haul, Blog Refresh & Jazz

Hey loves,

Some news: I'm refreshing/restarting this blog for all of my hauls & such, but no tips.

Here's just a mini haul of some items I found at American Eagle. Being the thrifty shopper that I am, I decided to scope out A&E to find a quite lovely sweater cardigan, a stripy skater dress, bootcut jeans, and a cute tunic top. I also stopped by PacSun and tried on a few things, but I couldn't find anything I liked a lot. I tried on a couple of their 60's style sunnies, and almost bought a pair. It was basically a look around the shops, though, with a small haul.

Hopefully if I make a lot for my nanny job this summer (we're talking $85 dollars for two days a week!) I'll be able to increase my hauls, but for right now, I need to save up for college/a possible car. Life, people, is rather costly.

Anywho, I'm hoping to make a few personal posts soon. Have a lovely Sunday(: